Tuesday, August 27, 2013



  • Group of 2-6 individuals to train for and run the Carlsbad marathon Jan. 19th
  • Must be able to dedicate the time it takes to train for a marathon, roughly 10 hrs/week from now until January
  • Need to be motivated and enthusiastic
  • Must have either running experience or be fit enough to begin running immediately



  • We meet to learn your capabilities and get to know one another
  • I provide training schedules two weeks at a time according to your ability; including mileage, cross training and injury prevention exercises as well as diet
  • We communicate regularly by email, text, phone
  • Hold each other accountable and plan runs together, including me!
  • We meet every two weeks to discuss your successes and difficulties in order to make the next schedule



  • $100 per month/per group
  • First two months paid in order to begin
  • Sundays are for ourselves and family



  • Lifetime achievement of running a marathon
  • Pushing yourself beyond your physical and mental comfort zone
  • Learning about your body and it's limits
  • Acquiring the ability to conquer anything else in your path



  • Elizabeth Kocek: (847) 804-7506
  • lizapotranca@gmail.com
  • www.facebook.com/ekocek
  • ASAP- this race will fill up!
  • San Diego Rock 'n' Roll will be coming soon in June as well!

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