Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cuyamaca Rancho State Park

So, Jorge came for 3 weeks and we had a WONDERFUL time.  I can't wait to see him again.

This meant I need to get into full training mode.  I even passed up Midget wrestling last night when my crazy neighbors invited me.  I guess I'm old when I don't care if I "never have this opportunity again".  I had a plan to get into the mountains today!  Of course, I had heard it was going to rain.  BUT, it's San Diego rain.  Like some drizzles.  I almost changed my schedule this morning but I made it out there to the Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, after stopping at CVS to get some pepper spray for the mountain lions that have apparently attacked up there.  They didn't have it and I told him that it would be his fault if I get attacked.  He didn't seem to care...

So, I was thrilled to have mud on my legs again!  I used to run on my lunches when I was at AIU in the Poplar Creek Forest Preserve and come back with mud on my legs.  Chile doesn't get much rain and their dirt is more of a clay.  At least where I was living.  Plus, since being in San Diego, I haven't gotten mud on my legs.  (But running barefoot on the beaches makes up for it!)  So, I was thrilled!  I wore a shirt from a race in Chile I ran with Alejandro and my classic 2007 Big Sur Marathon long sleeve shirt.  I brought a fleece too just in case.  Driving up was great, they had the markers for the elevation, although they have those in Chile I still get impressed coming from the Midwest.  The rain kept on and the windows got foggy.  I stopped at a local restaurant and got a map from a woman who had probably never left the state park in her entire life.  It was by the campground that looked awesome.

So, I found my path and I went.  Long pants with shorts underneath just in case, two 8oz bottles of water in my fuel belt and some munchies.  It was MUDDY!  It was COLD!!!  The views were GREAT!!!  My hands were FREEZING!  I left my running gloves back in boat since I didn't think I needed them.  If it's not snowing, it's not cold.  HA.  Little Midwesterner underestimated the Cuyamacas.  Luckily, I had a fleece headband from my Dad from years ago otherwise my ears would have fallen off.  I trudged on for a few miles, I think my chin and neck were the only things dry.  My high-tech shirts didn't dry off quick enough in the 'drizzle' I thought I was going to encounter.  I debated turning around...  "Am I being stubborn and stupid?"  "Or, did I just become a wimp not being in cold weather for so long"  I started trying to think of signs of hypothermia... I wasn't shivering, my hands were a weird yellow color and didn't work, I was thinking logically, or was I?  I recalled the woman who had gone out for a run in the mountain, in California, and ended up falling into a ravine, busting up her ankle and was stuck there for 3 days with only 8oz of water and she got her period.  She made it through but when she needed to be hospitalized for days.  Was this my fate or was I being silly?  Have I gotten that old and precautious?  I did turn down the opportunity to watch midget wrestling after all.  And it was probably the one and only chance I would have had...

I finally decided it was time to turn around and head back to the car when I ran into a guy with a full parka with the hood up, gear and walking stick who asked me which direction to the top of the mountain we were apparently on.  I was afraid he was spying on me and he was going to tell the Ranger there's some crazy girl running around up there.  I didn't take any precautions on the way back, ankle deep in streams, I stepped directly into the mud and puddles, didn't move any branches out of my way, I figured I'd go out in a storm.  By the time I finally got back to the car, it took both hands and a push with my shoulders to turn the key in the door.  (the clicker opener is at the bottom of our marina...)  And then it took nearly 20 mins for my fingers to function well enough to open the zipper on my pants to take off my wet pants.  So, I laughed at myself and drove back to San Diego. I'll go back when it's sunny.

I finished my run at the Y, I had seen that they had a free 2-week trial going on.  I wanted to join anyway for the pool.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my day. I also made a spanish tortilla, some coleslaw and some quinoa today...