Tuesday, July 3, 2012

100 for America

On the Eve of Independence Day 2012 in San Diego, CA, I am sitting in the Chilean Miner I contemplating the American Dream.  A dream that is very much alive and well around the country.  A dream that I myself didn't realize I had built in me until very recently.

This next paragraph reads textbook.  I assure you I wrote it from the heart.

The American Dream has many variations and directions.  Immigrants have come in search of every kind of freedom that we sometimes take for granted.  Religious freedoms, the freedom to choose their leaders and the freedom of speech, whether to speak their own language in peace or simply to express their opinions in public.  Native Americans and United States citizens whose families have been here for generations have that  dream within them as well.  Whether it be to make a lot of money in our ever-changing capitalist society, or to simply raise a family, those dreams are powerful and drive our country.

Currently, how I see it, we have reached a point where not every citizen feels they have these rights nor the liberty to pursue your happiness.  Truth is, there are prejudices everywhere.  In the job market, in schools, even within families perhaps. It ranges from race, to length of hair, to what kind of work you do, car you drive, etc.  However, we are still able to set goals, make a plan and charge forward to make it happen for ourselves.  We see it in immigrants that have recently come to this country and individuals that have been here for generations. This is the Pursuit of Happiness.

Me personally, after having lived in a kingdom that functions as a socialist democracy, a country coming out of communism and a developing country that yearns to be capitalist, I can appreciate the way we've developed.  In traveling to foreign lands, I've been told, "That's what makes you American.", when I show my determination to accomplish a goal.  I've also caused a fight when saying that I am American, as well as had my picture taken with random citizens that want to be seen with the "North American".

I could ramble on.

Lately, a force that once drove our country has been leaving our country.  Manufacturing. Unfortunately, businesses have found it easier to set up factories and use foreign lands and economies to drive their companies.  Makes sense if our 'developed' country wants to set minimum wage laws, child labor laws and equal opportunity laws that do not accommodate most businesses.  Same reason our government recently amended our health care laws.

Let's bring manufacturing back to US.  We run 100 miles or 100 kilometers and you donate $100.  
October 7th, 2012, I will be running a 100K for 100 for America.  Please view the website:  www.100foramerica.com.  Trasie Phan, a good friend of mine, has teamed up with Opportunity Finance Network and Create Jobs for USA in order to help stimulate our economy and support disadvantaged communities.  This is a cause that affects us all.

Please contact me for more information:  potranca80@yahoo.com

Happy 4th of July!!!!!