Wednesday, January 2, 2013


It's already a few days into 2013 and I feel as though I've had plenty of time to reflect on 2012... It was an amazing year.  My goals were:

- Run a marathon every month
- Run a 50 miler
- Spread peace to everyone
- Grow stronger as a person

I ended up running 5 marathons, 4 50Ks, a 44 mile Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon, a 100K, and a 28 mile Quad Dipsea.  Every single race was unique in it's own way and provided me with a learning experience if viewed appropriately.  Starting with my first marathon in the Vibram Five Fingers in January and learning how to strengthen my feet and ankles for the next one in February, in which I was told the following day by my mother that I had placed 1st in my age group!  In March I made the dumbest mistake of 2012 and attempted to eat a 12-egg omelette with hash browns and muffins at Broken Yolk the day before the L.A. marathon.  April I had the chance to run in the canyons of Vegas where I again took 1st place in my age division, in May, I met some amazing people that I bonded with for life in the Grand Canyon, June I had my best marathon time of 2012 at the Rock' n Roll San Diego marathon.  In July I met an inspirational English teacher in the Modjeska Canyon, in August I suffered through 105 degree heat at Mt. Disappointment 50K, in September I ran with one of my very best friends on one of the most beautiful islands our planet has in her first marathon.  In October I ran for 100 for America, running the inaugural Cuyamaca 100K, in November I ran a race that I had been reading about for years and, most recently, I ran a snowy 50K with my brother, the best way to end the year.

I loved every minute of every race.  I loved meeting new people on the run, drinking beer on the run, traveling to races, staying with friends, re-living my first marathon, eating a vegan diet and in the woods!  Plus, every single race was ran in minimalist shoes!  Either VFFs or the Merrell Pace Glove, even in snow!  Although I didn't run a 50 miler, my 100K was 62 miles AND, I'm registered for a 50 miler in March.

As for spreading peace; while this wasn't a huge campaign with an action plan, I hope that I was able to affect people and beings in a positive manner.  In my daily interactions I use positivity and optimism over more negative emotions.  At work I stay away from gossip and bad feelings, focusing on progression.  With friends and family, I attempt to help them to live their lives healthy and happy.  It's very easy to fall into a trap of blaming others or the situation when we make those choices on a daily basis.

I also hosted 8 couch surfers over the year as well, the Chilean Miner is such a great place to stay that I actually had to change my profile to show that I'm not hosting right now.  It became difficult hosting with my training and racing schedule.  However, with the couch surfers that I did have, the cultural exchange was, as it always is, amazing.  I hosted two guys who finished their cross country bike tours in San Diego, sisters from Missouri, a Spaniard who I convinced needs to visit Poland, a Chilean medical student, a NYC born Jew living in Tel Aviv, and a first-time-on-my own boy from WA state.  They were all wonderful and we had some very fascinating conversations.  We all inspired and respected each other, forming peace in a sense.

In addition, I am very proud that my mother says that I'm perpetually happy and my boyfriend calls me 'Smiles for Miles'.  A smile and a cheery disposition can go a long way!

Have I grown?  I have two responses.

An ex once reminded me of a quote from the Bible stating: "Be content in all things." when I complained about a situation I was in.  I recently thought of that moment and knew that I am now content.  Not because I have more things, (I live frugally in a 34' boat), not because I make more money, :(, but because my life is richer.

Secondly, a friend of mine posted on facebook just this morning, "If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?"  I was stumped.  Could be because there are too many great places I'd like to be but also because I enjoy all of my surroundings.  At home in my boat or my boyfriend's boat, in my parents house in Illinois, watching a movie with my Dad, chilling with Couchsurfers, out with friends, traveling alone, traveling with friends, walking the dogs, etc.  Work I could do without but we all work regardless and I still love my job.

Therefore, I can't say if I've grown but I'm certainly in a good place!  :)

For 2013, I will be running two 50 milers, attempting my first 100 miler in the name of 100 for America, (we still need to work on supporting Made in America and keeping and building jobs in the US!) and a few more races in the fall.  Looking at the Chicago Marathon with TNT, perhaps the Cuyamaca 100K again or something else.  I will also be supporting a good friend of mine as Captain of the Ultra University team and helping to encourage others to go the extra mile, on foot and in their daily lives.

I am also currently actively seeking sponsors.  Perhaps Southwest Airlines, Merrell, Gu, INKnBURN, etc... Or if People's in Ocean Beach want to help me out by giving me a monthly stipend, that'd be nice too!  :)))))

I also have some other things going on in 2013.  I will be welcoming 2 new members to my immediate family.   It has been wonderful getting to know James and Jeremy and I cannot wait to have the opportunity to witness your marriages.  I'm so happy for EVERYONE involved.  Just the other day, I realized that I could count on both of you if I ever needed anything and I got emotional over it... Plus, I'm starting classes at the local community college this spring and am looking forward to learning more about the state of California.  AND, I'm going to visit a very best friend who is in the Peace Corps in Paraguay.

There is definitely a lot going on and I didn't even mention my love life!  Besides being able to depend on and  trust my boyfriend, I feel more respected than ever in my current relationship and I certainly hope it remains this way and continues to grow.  He was there during a lot of my races this year, even caught the bug (!), and  has been incredibly patient with me!  Thanks dear...

We have a long road ahead of us and I am confident that 2013 will be just as AMAZING.  Because I need to put a Star Trek plug in here and Gene Roddenberry had an amazing view of what he believed we can accomplish, I will end with a quote.

Live Long and Prosper


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